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BMC in action at the Pietermaritzburg World Cup in South Africa: Roger Rinderknecht (top) and Patrik Gallati (bottom)
BMC in action at the Pietermaritzburg World Cup in South Africa: Roger Rinderknecht (top) and Patrik Gallati (bottom)

Mountainbike World Cup South Africa: 8th place for Roger Rinderknecht (4X) and 17th place for Patrik Gallati (Cross Country)

26. April 2011

Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

The UCI used the Easter holidays to gun off the mountainbike world cup season 2011. Downhill, 4X, and cross-country riders moved across the African continent as a caravan of modern professional sports Nomads. Just before reaching the Indian Ocean, the world's best bikers stopped in Pietermaritzburg to pitch their tents for a couple of nights and battle it out for world cup points.

The BMC Mountainbike Racing Team lined up at the start with two riders. Patrik Gallati (Switzerland) and Moritz Milatz (Germany) will be representing the team as leaders at all the world cups. They are gunning for Top 15 finishes by gathering points at all of the seven world cup events in Pietermaritzburg/RSA, Dalby Forest/GBR, Offenburg/GER, Mont St. Anne/CAN, Windham/USA, Nove Mesto Na Morave/CZE, and Val di Sole/ITA.

It is not only the cross country riders that rely on the strength and speed of BMC bikes. Roger Rinderknecht represents the brand in the 4X events. The former Vice-World Champion had a rocky start into the world cup season in Pietermaritzburg: "I felt strong but my gates were inconsistent. Trouble started in the semi-final where I slid out after one of the bad starts of the night. After that, I was leading the small-final until David Graf pulled a move on me in a tight corner and I crashed again." "There's definitely room for improvement!", Rinderknecht commented on his 8th place finish.

There were more than just physical impediments in the way of some cross country riders. One a highly technical course, German Champion Moritz Milatz had to fight illness on top of battling it out to 23rd place. After strong performances at the beginning of the year where he was merely beaten by Pietermaritzburg winner Nino Schurter of Switzerland, Milatz was forced to slow down in South Africa.

Patrik Gallati had a strong showing on the rocks. He moved forward lap after lap to finish in 17th. "I am very happy with my result. The descents were very technically challenging. My four-minute gap on winner Nino Schurter shows me that I have stepped it up." His consistently strong performances prove that his bronze medal of last year's U 23 World Championships were no coincidence. Gallati is now approaching the world class level in the elite category step by step.

While the rest of the BMC Mountainbike Racing Team was able to recover from various health problems over the Easter holidays and put training mileage under their belts, it is back into action this week: Yves Corminboeuf, Alexandre Moos, Julien Tamararcaz, and Balz Weber will be participating in the SYMPATEX BIKE Festival in Rival del Garda/Italy. Patrik Gallati and Moritz Milatz will get to relax and recover until their next showing at the MTB Bundesliga in Saalhausen/Germany May 15th.

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