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The dark horse at Marathon World Championships

29. June 2014

Pietermaritzburg, Southafrica - Marathon World Championships

After their double victory at the BerGiBike in Fribourg, Ralph Naef and Moritz Milatz travelled to Pietermaritzburg in South Africa to compete in the marathon World Championships. The BMC duo plans to play it safe on the one hand but are up for some tactical games if the chance arises. Both full-time cross-country athletes want to have a say in the fight for the medals against the long distance specialists.

Six successive days of training plus the BerGiBike-Marathon were Moritz Milatz's radical measures in preparation for the marathon World Championships. And after the race on Sunday he seemed to be very confident to have achieved the desired effect.

„I had some problems in the beginning but then things went very well. I was never pushed to my limit. So the training has had its effect," says the vice marathon World Champion from 2012. Concerning his ambitions, he adds: "I have not had a chance to race against the best long distance bikers recently, but in a World Championship race anything can happen."

Just like his teammate Ralph Naef who won the BerGiBike ahead of him, German Moritz Milatz travels to South Africa harbouring ambitious plans. „We're not flying to South Africa just for fun", says Naef. He sees Milatz and himself in the role of the dark horse. They both may be seen as outsiders against defending champion Christoph Sauser and against other long distance experts, but they are certainly not without a chance.

„I am looking forward to South Africa and I hope it will be a tactical race, because then my chances will increase", says Naef who puts most of his hopes on the last 20 kilometers which are said to be very cross-country-like. „We will try to win a medal", says Naef. He was the Marathon World Champion back in 2006.

It's however not all tacticts on the 95 kilometre course: „We will mount our Continental ProTection tires and play it safe with our Shimano double crankset set-up on the teamelite TE01," explains Naef who is a seasoned South-Africa expert.

Participating BMC Athletes: (Ralph Näf, Schweiz / Moritz Milatz, Deutschland)

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