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Aeschbach misses victory at Zurich’s Sixdays for few meters only

8. December 2010

In the running-up of the Sixdays in Zurich, the pair Franco Marvulli and Alexander Aeschbach were considered as favourites. Despite the crash of Aeschbach in the first night, the duo took the lead and maintained it in the following nights. Encouraged by the home crowd, Marvulli/Aeschbach controlled the race and fulfilled their favourite status. Night five was all the night of Keisse/Marguet and they displaced the Swiss pair from first place. Previous to the final race day, the pairs Keisse/Marguet, Marvulli/Aeschbach and Hondo/Bartko were very close what pointed towards a thrilling final. In the final races, the athletes fought to the limits and the competition was very exciting. In the final Américaine, Marvullli/Aeschbach launched an ultimate attack to make up for the lag on Hondo/Bartko. But their efforts were in vain and thanks to their high pace, the German rivals won for few meters only. Despite the frustration about the once more missed victory in Zurich, the BMC rider Aeschbach looked forward and announced to come back next year to fight for victory.

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