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Neel Jani

Neel Jani is a 24 year old race car driver; he lives in Jens (SUI) and in England. He drives for the Team Switzerland in the A1GP-Series and is incredibly successful. BMC supports Neel with a bike allowing him to zip around on the lightest and most stable vehicle even when he is away from the race track.

Which characteristics describe you best?
Goal driven, ambitious, impatient (but that’s improving), happy (because I can live what I love)

What are your likes?
Chilling out, sport in general (tennis, cross-country skiing), the movies, hamburgers
What are your dislikes?
Rowing, dancing, seafood, the frequent travel required in my job. 
Which sport would you do if you weren’t a racing car driver?
I probably would have become a skier.
Which result are you particularly proud of?
Last weekend in Malaysia I won two races – that allowed out team to take the lead in the teams category. That made me incredibly happy.  
And what was your most disappointing defeat?
The year 2004 comes into mind, I was pretty fast that year, but had to pull out of many races. 
What got you into motorsport?
My father is a former motor sport racer. Because of that I started go kart racing when I was nine years old. From there I progressed up through the ranks – and now I am lucky enough to be able to live from my sport. 
Why is endurance training so important for you?
Endurance is extremely important in motorsport. During the race my heart reaches 145 to 170 beats per minute. I have to have good concentration and reactions at this high intensity for the whole race which can last 1hr 45 mins. In addition my whole body is subjected to high G forces which really taxes my neck and breathing muscles. In other words the higher my fitness is, the better my concentration and precision is during high loads.