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new timemachine TMR01 2013

Rider Profile

The timemachine TMR01 was designed for powerful riders who like to challenge the wind. The sharpest weapon for escapees, sprinters and short distance triathletes, cutting the wind like nothing else. Made to ride fast.


BMC Concept

Sharing a lot of technology with the fastest time trial bike out there, the timemachine TM01, the TMR01 is also based on the SubA concept. Using the tripwire technology and truncated profiles, tested and approved with our professional athletes in the wind tunnel, this bike is the perfect choice to fight the wind.


With the timemachine TMR01, we took system integration to a new level, going beyond everything the cycling world has seen so far. Frame, brakes, fork, seatpost, Di2 components, cablerouting, everything is part of one concept, leaving nothing in the wind slowing you down. With DTi (dual transmission integration), the integration is clean, no matter whether you choose a mechanical or electronical drivetrain.


For rouleurs and sprinters, power transfer is as important as aerodynamics. We were not willing to sacrifice any stiffness. By using the truncated profile and carefully selected carbon fibre material we created our stiffest road frame so far.

UCI approved
Despite looking illegally fast, the TMR01 is fully UCI approved and therefore ready to be raced in any race.



• P2PxSubA full carbon construction
• DTi cablerouting, compatible to mechanical & electronic drivetrains
• Integrated rear brake

1 Seatpost

• Aero road post, P2PxSubA full carbon construction

2 Frame

• DTi cablerouting, compatible to mechanical & electronic drivetrains
• Integrated rear brake

3 Fork

• aero road fork, SubA full carbon construction
• Integrated front brake
• 1-1/8" - 1-1/4" tapered steerer tube