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Scott Nydam (BMC) got the action moving with an attack in the first five kilometres. (Foto by Jon Devich)
Scott Nydam (BMC) got the action moving with an attack in the first five kilometres. (Foto by Jon Devich)

Scott Nydam: "My Dad certainly is an inspiration to me"

20. February 2008


Anybody watching the Tour of California the past two days could be forgiven for thinking today was like the film Groundhog Day.  Again there was an early break and again the result was an epic solo ride by one of the boys from BMC.

The team can be proud to have animated Stage 2 of the Tour of California, 187,2 kilometers from Santa Rosa to Sacramento.  They have also defended both the King of the Mountains jersey with Jackson Stewart as well as the Most Aggressive Rider with the breakaway artist for today, Scott Nydam.

Was that the plan for you to go on the attack so early and how do you feel about today?

Scott Nydam: It was a good day.  I was on the shortlist of who should try to get into the breaks today.  I was personally super motivated because I had had a bad day yesterday and so I wanted to redeem myself.  Besides, I had a lot of supporters waiting for me at the top of the Trinity climb, so I wanted to make it easier for them to find me.

The weather was pretty rough today.  Did that help or hinder you?

SN: I think that the guys in the pack were perhaps a bit more bothered by the rain, especially since most of them didn’t really know the route and would have just wanted to get up the road.  But I knew the first 50 km very well and so that probably gave me an advantage.  Even though I’m shivering now waiting to dry off and change, the cold doesn’t bother me too much when I’m on the bike.  Besides, when it is cold, the best way to stay warm is to hammer it, so that helps in a race situation.

The descent off Trinity must have been very dangerous?

SN: Yeah, it was pretty slippery and I was very cautious.  In fact at one point my rear wheel did slip out from under me.  But I was in the best position for the descent since I was alone and could take it at my own pace and not worry about someone falling around me.

Do you mind if I ask you about your dad?

SN: No not at all. Well, I know he is quite sick at the moment. 

Do you find extra motivation to ride well for him?

SN: Absolutely.  I know that he is watching me in the hospital and so I have that in mind when I’m riding.  And he was certainly in my thoughts all day today.  I know his battles are harder than mine, but I try to help him keep fighting.  He is doing well, though, having gotten through the first round of chemotherapy.  Now he needs to worry about his bone marrow, and building up a sufficient store of white blood cells to get his immune system strong again.  Similarly to our team looking at the rest of the season, there are some tough challenges ahead and some big road blocks to surmount, but we’re helping each other and we’ll get through it.

Now that you and Jackson have so many KOM points between you, how do you think your chances are for hanging onto the jersey through tomorrow?

SN: Well, the King of the Mountains is sitting right next to me here.  He did a great job of defending the jersey in the pack today, and so I think between the two of us, we have a pretty good chance of defending it.