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Martin Kohler: "I have been working hard since November, for sure." (Photo by Tim De Waele)
Martin Kohler: "I have been working hard since November, for sure." (Photo by Tim De Waele)

Gone camping: Martin Kohler first to arrive stateside for BMC camp

8. gennaio 2009

Santa Rosa

No one has to guess whether BMC's Martin Kohler is ready to get the season started.  Though the BMC training camp is scheduled to start on the 9th, Kohler arranged to arrive in California a full week early. 

Since the California climate will certainly be much more conducive to comfortable riding, Kohler admitted to being very excited to get the ball rolling. 

Why have you come to the US so much earlier than the rest of the Swiss members of the team?

Martin Kohler: I arranged to stay with Taylor Tolleson who is also on BMC and a good friend of mine.  It took about 2 or 3 days for me to get used to the time change and get acclimated.  But now it is great.  The weather is much better than what we are having in Switzerland.  Besides, I am very interested in seeing a bit more of the world and this is the first time that I have been in this part of the US.  We are able to go for some very nice rides and the temperature during the day is in the 60s, so I am very happy to be here.

Will you be racing in the Tour of Qatar or Tour of California for the team?

MK: I'll be doing Qatar.  I raced it last year too.  It is a great race to start the year with.  It is very hard with the wind and the flats and the dangers of the echelons, but it is a good race for sprinters.  I hope I can do better than I did last year.  It was my first race as a professional and I was not used to the speeds and difficulty.  The team also suffered several important crashes where Steve Bovay broke his collarbone, and Scott Nydam crashed out too.  But I know I will be in much more of a position to make a serious contribution.  The year of experience will really help.

Have you been doing any special training for Qatar?

MK: No, not really.  I have been working hard since November, for sure.  But aside from some sprint training, which I would have done anyways, I haven't been focusing on any one effort more than any other.  I did join a small training camp with some other BMC riders on Mallorca mid-December.  That really helped my overall form.  And then I was able to enjoy a few days of recovery during Christmas and New Years.  And now I am so excited for training camp to start.  I hope the weather stays nice so that we can really get in a lot of good riding.

Are you better about training with groups or do you prefer to be alone when you train?

MK: It depends.  A little of both, really.  For instance, now I am really looking forward to riding with the guys at camp.  But at the beginning of the training year in November and December it is sometimes better to train alone.  When you are in a group you may not have to work as hard as you would alone, or maybe the group is holding you back a little.  So it is good to get started on your own.

Do you mind being away from home and your family for so long?

MK: Oh no, it doesn't bother me at all.  It is cool to be here and see something new.  Taylor is a good friend of mine and I like his company.  Besides, it is so cold in Switzerland at the moment that I am really happy to be here.