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Georges Probst arrived safe and sound back in Switzerland

23. June 2011

From the ends of the earth to half way up the world: that sums up Georges Probst's latest journey. The 66-year old from Neuchâtel has completed his trek, which took him from Patagonia to Quito, passing through Argentina and Bolivia along the way. As dictated by encounters, setbacks and surprises, he traveled 10,475 km in just over five months (from January 7 to June 9). His secret comes from his motto: "To succeed, you must confront all difficulties, even the most unpredictable, by searching for the best solution."

Georges has finished his trek in South America. Having left Patagonia (Argentina) January 7, he arrived last Wednesday in Quito (Ecuador). Thursday, he finally completed his final stage to half way up the world, marking the crossing of the equator: a symbolic end for this slightly mad adventurer. The last few hours of the adventure were eventful for the citizen of Cortaillod. "Two days before the end of my journey, I was the victim of an attempted assault in Quito," he reports. "It was quite tense. I also had to be escorted by policemen to Peru." Not completely reassured, our brave Georges preferred to shorten his stay in Ecuador and return to Switzerland earlier than planned. "I arrived on Friday and I'm happy to be here," he breathes from La Vue-des-Alpes. Between Argentina and Ecuador, Georges Probst had a hard time. "I have experienced some extraordinary things and I have suffered like never before. It was incredible," he exclaims, happy and relieved.

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