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It is time for action again... finally also in Switzerland!
It is time for action again... finally also in Switzerland!

BMC Mountainbike Racing Team: Preview - Swiss Racer Cup Schaan

26. March 2011

Schaan, Liechtenstein

The Swiss mountainbike racing season finds its 2011 opening this weekend in Liechtenstein, a small country squeezed in-between Switzerland and Austria. The city of Schaan is hosting the first event of the Racer Cup series which will consist of a total of 8 events hosted throughout Switzerland. The winner of the overall Racer Cup classification will be crowned on August 28th in Basel.

In the absence of Balz Weber and Alex Moos (both are currently racing the Cape Epic in South Africa) German Champion Moritz Milatz ist leading his teammates Patrick Gallati, Yves Corminboeuf, and Julien Tamararcaz.

The dry course, fast profile, temperatures of an arriving spring will give the riders a chance to test their leg speed and drive lactate levels to unaccustomed winter heights.


Fast Race Facts

Date: Sunday, March 27th 2011
Event: Swiss Racer Cup, 1st race
Departure: 2:00 pm CET
BMC Mountainbike Racing Team Roster: Yves Corminboeuf, Patrick Gallati, Moritz Milatz, Julien Tamararcaz
Course: Length = 35.6k; elevation change: 1,287m
Weather forecast: partly cloudy, 15°C
Surface conditions: dry
Start list:
Event Website:
Riders' opinions: very fast, very short; descent slightly technical but fast; pace will be high from the start, forcing natural selection; drafting advantageous.