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Tropical Triumph for Francois Bailly-Maître at Megavalanche la Réunion

1. December 2013

Saint Paul, La Réunion

Rain and fog turned the 19th edition of Megavalanche la Réunion into an extremely tough race but BMC rider Bailly-Maître, overcame the odds to claim the title.

As if Enduro events weren’t challenging enough, when the elements turn against riders in the form of the blinding fog - such as that experienced on the island of La Réunion last weekend, only the fittest and most talented riders survive. The tropical edition of the renowned Megavalanche enduro race, held on the French island of la Réunion in the Indian Ocean, is a two-day affair. On Saturday, Nicolas Lau came out the winner, putting in a good performance to come in ahead of Jey Clémentz and Rémy Absalon. But BMC rider, François Bailly-Maître, took the crown by outriding all of his opponents on his BMC Trailfox 29er on Sunday. Bailly-Maître who had to pause during the summer months due to a fractured clavicle showed an impressive return to top form. He was the biggest doubter of all: “I am very proud to finish in front of Jey and Rémy. I still can’t believe it!” Enduro World Champion Jérome Clémentz came second 11 seconds down. Rémy Absalon came third, while Downhill World Cup winner Rémi Thirion finished fourth. The women’s race was clearly won by the German rider, Ines Thoma.

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