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Corsin Hösli

As a young cross-country skier, Corsin’s career was heading in only one direction. Up. Upon moving to a sports academy, the youngster from eastern Switzerland demonstrated his sporting ambitions and determination to work hard on his skills. But Hösli’s meteoric career rise was brought to an abrupt halt by a shocking diagnosis that followed countless medical misinterpretations of the reasons behind the cross-country skier’s loss of form: leukemia. The very day after the insidious disease had been diagnosed, Hösli started his chemotherapy at Zurich's Children's Hospital. The following seven months were a huge physical and mental challenge for the young sportsman. It was not easy for the former athlete to watch himself lose weight and experience his immune system constantly being weakened by daily doses of medicines. Yet in the face of all the physical difficulties, Hösli stuck to a program of physical activity tailored to his circumstances and soon made noticeable progress as the intensity of his therapy was scaled back. Even when his weakened immune system caused repeated setbacks amid his efforts to resume an extensive training program, Hösli demonstrated his resolve in returning to competitive sport just four months after the end of his last intensive course of chemotherapy. Since returning to competitive sport and getting back to a life dominated by sport rather than illness, Corsin Hösli has made steady progress that has already taken him to within touching distance of the leaders. BMC is impressed by the personal story of a still-young athlete and is proud to support Corsin as he continues his sporting ascent.