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The Swiss bike

With one ground-breaking project, BMC revolutionized classic manufacturing process and expectations in the bicycle industry, and its name is impec. The BMC impec racing bike is conceived, produced, manufactured, and assembled in Switzerland to Swiss standards of precision, technological innovation, and unique design.


  • Frame Frame: impec LSW
  • Tubing Tubing: Carbon LSW
  • Size Size: 50 / 53 / 55 / 57 / 60
  • Fork Fork: impec, Carbon
  • Rear Shock Rear Shock:  
  • Gears Gears: 22
  • Crankset Crankset: Campagnolo Super Record Ti Ultra Torque, 53-39
  • Cassette Cassette: Campagnolo Super Record 12-27
  • Front Derailleur Front Derailleur: Campagnolo Super Record EPS
  • Rear Derailleur Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo Super Record EPS
  • Shifter Shifter: Campagnolo Super Record EPS
  • Brakes Brakes: Campagnolo Super Record Skeleton
  • Handlebar Handlebar: 3T Ergonova LTD, carbon
  • Stem Stem: 3T ARX LTD, Carbon
  • Seatpost Seatpost: impec integrated, Carbon
  • Saddle Saddle: Fizik Arione CX Braided
  • Hubs Hubs: Zipp 404 Firecrest Tubular
  • Rims Rims: Zipp 404 Firecrest Tubular
  • Tyres Tyres: Continental Competition 22 Tubular
  • Colour Colour:  
  • weight weight: 6.88 kg
  • Pedal Pedal:  

Option packages

  • Colour Option Colour Option: Èquipe Style; Team Red, White, Fluro
  • Colour Option Colour Option: Classic Style: Red, White, Naked
  • Groupset Option Groupset Option: Campagnolo Super Record Ti Ultra Torque, 52-36
  • Groupset Option Groupset Option: Campagnolo Super Record Ti Ultra Torque, 50-34
  • Handlebar Option Handlebar Option: 3T Ergosum LTD, carbon
  • Saddle Option Saddle Option: Fizik Antares 2 Braided
  • Saddle Option Saddle Option: Fizik Aliante Braided
  • Wheel Option Wheel Option: Zipp 404 Firecrest Clincher
  • Wheel Option Wheel Option: Lightweight BMC Meilenstein Clincher
  • Wheel Option Wheel Option: Lightweight BMC Meilenstein Tubular



Seat tube
Top tube
Head tube
Head tube angle
Seat angle
Chain tube
Size s tt ht stack reach ha sa rc drop
50 518 531 131 533 378 72.5 74 405 69
53 537 543 151 552 385 72.5 74 405 69
55 555 560 171 571 396 72.5 74 405 69
57 573 579 191 590 410 72.5 74 405 69
60 591 588 211 609 413 72.5 74 405 69
50 538 530 151 552 372 72.5 74 405 69
53 557 542 171 571 379 72.5 74 405 69
55 575 560 191 590 390 72.5 74 405 69
57 592 578 211 609 404 72.5 74 405 69
60 611 587 231 628 407 72.5 74 405 69
Rider height Bar width Stem extension Crank length

170 - 177
175 - 182
180 - 188

170 - 177
175 - 182
180 - 188


Unique production plant: The BMC impec may not have reinvented the bike, but in creating it, BMC reinvented bike production processes. While the rest of the world increasingly outsources the manufacturing of complex consumer goods to Asia, BMC decided to implement its own in-house manufacturing process for super-high-quality carbon frames. Alongside this revolutionary action, our engineers were tasked with just one goal: build the perfect bike.

High degree of automation: With extremely precise automated production processes, BMC eliminates any possibility for human imprecision in hand-made construction. BMC “robots” are machines created solely for the purpose of consistently precise frame production, thereby guaranteeing repeatable tube quality and assembly of the very highest quality. This automated manufacturing process also gives the impec racing bike its striking appearance, especially at the tube junctions, or nodes, were individual tubes are joined by carbon-injected half-shells.

Perfect balance: Thanks also to this sophisticated production process, each frame’s mechanical properties can be infinitely tuned and refined. With our Load Specific Weave (LSW), BMC controls the material density and orientation of the fibers according to the specific load carried and deflected by each tube. As a result, performance factors such as vertical compliance and stiffness are optimized to attain not only maximized power transfer, but also a comfortable ride. The tubes are then connected using carbon injected shells, or nodes. This technology is called Shell Node Concept (SNC), and it ensures precise and automated bonding of the individual tubes.

Race-proven technology: BMC’s revolutionary manufacturing process makes it possible to perfectly balance stiffness and comfort, creating an unparalleled riding feel. It is therefore no surprise that world-class athletes, such as the Australian Tour de France winner, Cadel Evans, selected the impec as their preferred racing bike after its introduction.
1) Frame
- LSW load specific weave tubing
- SNC tube junctions

2) Bottom bracket
- BB30

3) Fork
- LSW fork blades
- SNC crown
- 1-1/8” – 1-1/4” tapered steerer tube

4) Seatpost
- impec carbon seatpost
- 3 offset options (-5, 10, 30 mm)

5) Frame sizes
- 5 sizes and two possible geometries: 50 cm – 60 cm
- Details see geometry chart




Shell Node Concepte

Shell Node Concept means a high control of the nodepoints through splitting them in two halves.

Construction, material and manufacturing process. These three aspects of the frame joints formed the Gordian knot of the impec which could not be untangled using conventional ideas. Everything seemed to be impossibly connected with each other. Until at some point we had the simple idea of creating the frame joints of the impec in two parts.

A clean cut then led to impec Technology no 2, the Shell Node Concept, where the joints at the nodal points of the frame are not one-piece collars but are each made from two half-shells. These half-shells are manufactured from a revolutionary composite compound material, are extremely rigid and yet light, have outstanding shock absorption qualities and can be connected to the frame tubes in the final assembly with absolute control and precision.


Load Specific Weave

This robot-controlled process creates the frame tubes for the impec.

impec Technology No 1 is the Load Specific Weave process - LSW. This robot-controlled process creates the frame tubes for the impec. Each of them is manufactured with absolute precision and made-to-measure according to specification with verifiable accuracy...

LSW is the name of a complex three-stage process at the end of which is the perfect frame tube. in brief, the three stages are as follows: weaving, resin injection and cutting - and from these stages comes a humble, flawless carbon tube that only needs to be lacquered, printed and attached to other equally faultless tubes to make the perfect frame.

The strict use of digital technology results in absolute transparency in Load Specific Weave. To provide for this transparency, each workpiece carrier is equipped with a data matrix which contains all the programs for the different process stages that the frame tubes of the impec pass through. The system gives the various robots their commands and at the same time records all the relevant data for each individual workpiece.

Katalog 2014

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