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Race bikes for everyday challenges
Life is a race. We win when we make time to do what we want to thrive. We lose when we are forced to do what we must just to survive. With this principle in mind, BMC's lifestyle models are race bikes - just as serious as any of our road or mountain bikes.
Based on years of experience, our mountain road series bicycles continue to help a diverse range of cyclists achieve their personal goals. Urban riders frequently beat motorized traffic through dense city centers. Fitness riders measure their improvements in time and distance. Cycling enthusiasts enjoy more casual rides, complimenting their racing and training. Cycle messengers efficiently make more deliveries. Commuters save time, money and the environment.
BMC road bikes are designed to help athletes win, from smooth, indoor velodromes to the cobblestones of Paris-Roubaix. BMC mountain bike models are designed to help athletes to claim victories over even tougher terrain. BMC lifestyle bicycles are designed with an even bigger goal in mind - to help the human race rise above the rat race.