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Swiss Manufacturing Precision
Handmade by machines in Switzerland, the impec follows the vision of BMC: A new perspective into the world of cycling.
More than a bike, a concept based on Swiss precision. Load specific woven tubes, connected with a revolutionary shell node concept make the impec a highly efficient Carbon frame, race proven in the grand tours.


Gran Turismo of cycling
Race proven bikes designed for the strongest racers yet compliant enough for recreational cyclists. The Endurance series has a bike for each rider in its range, from a Classics racer to super sportive commuter. Incredibly smooth handling bikes designed with attention to details and unique BMC identity. Not everyone can be a pro, but everyone can now ride a pro's bike.


How to get there. Faster.
The best of both worlds, advanced aerodynamics combined with outstanding system integration. We do not compromise performance, we do not compromise function. Our triathlon and time trial bikes have proven their qualities in and out of the windtunnel, and a road version developed with our BMC Racing Team now completes the series.
No other bikes come close to our timemachines for those who have the need for speed.


Direct from the Pro Peloton
BMC road bikes are built upon a successful heritage in the pro peloton. Racing is in our blood.
Our bikes are raced by the best riders in the world, and those riders actually belong to our own team! That is how their feedback becomes our knowledge, so we never cease to improve and refine. BMC stands for Swiss precision shaped in Swiss design, and all our race bikes share the same genes.