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Big Wheel Revolution
Today we are confident to say: 29er wheels make faster bikes. It is a strong statement, but we definitely believe in the big wheels and their potential in technical terrain. Our bikes are developed on alpine singletracks, and race proven on the World Cup circuit. Is there any better testing ground? We are proud of the result: faster race bikes with no compromise

all mountain

Swiss Trail Technology
Born on the Swiss singletracks, the trailfox is the ultimate bike for challenging trail riding. Our bikes were developed with a very clear target - it will be like a Swiss Army knife: versatile, easy to use, durable and lightweight. More than just a bike, we build the perfect tool to conquer all mountains.


Biking for all
Because we all started somewhere, we know it's important to get it right in the first place. Our Blast and Sportelite bikes offer the best for those who are new to the sport. Function, style and simplicity, we don't leave anything or anyone behind.