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Roger Rinderknecht

With the 4X and BMX specialist, BMC is breaking new ground in mountain bike sponsoring. The 29 year-old from Winterthur is one of the biggest names on the scene as the two-time runner-up in the 4X World Championship as well as participation in the Olympics in BMX. His extensive experience in the gravity category makes this down-to-earth man from Zurich the perfect partner when it comes to improving the existing product ranges of the trailfox and supertrail series and giving input for developing new products. The R&D team and Rinderknecht developed a BMC 4X frame in record time that more than satisfied the high-end standard of BMC, both technically and visually. Rinderknecht's main goals for this year are once again achieving a place on the podium at the 4X World Championship and qualifying for the 2012 Olympic Games in BMX. In order to achieve these ambitious athletic goals, Rinderknecht making use of the trailfox TF01, the supertrail ST01, the racemaster SLX01 and BMC's 4X bike that is not (yet) being produced as a series.


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