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BMC Racing Team: Statement Regarding Thomas Frei

26. April 2010

Santa Rosa

After Thomas Frei was officially informed by Antidoping Switzerland that he was tested A-positive regarding the use of EPO, Thomas Frei confessed his doping violation to the team management.

Thomas Frei acted on his own and confirmed that his failure was without any relation to the BMC Racing Team. This complies with the team's own investigation on the case. Thomas Frei is regretting the negative publicity for the team due to his violation. Thomas Frei's violation is stated personally and separately by him to the public.

The BMC Racing Team regrets this situation for Thomas Frei and his career, and also for the team. The BMC Racing Team is however grateful to Thomas Frei that he confessed and clarified the situation immediately. The BMC Racing Team will now separate from Thomas Frei but thanks Thomas Frei for his honesty to confess his failure. This brings transparency to the situation and is part of the anti-doping fight the BMC Racing Team committed to be part of.

– BMC Racing Team President Jim Ochowicz