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Internazionale, Italiano

Derek Bissett

Denver, CO

Life on Two Wheels

Racing motocross at a high level as a kid, Derek really only dabbled in cycling until he went to college. There he found a sense of identity with cycling and his high-level handling skills from years on the motorcycles undoubtedly lead to a quick progression through the ranks of seasoned pros in the MTB world. Despite the similarities between the two sports, Derek finds something different on the trails; a strong camaraderie, and long lasting friendships that separates cyclists from the motorized brethren he once knew. But the sense of freedom and adventure is the same, a common characteristic of life on two wheels.

Personal Mantra

Derek loves to be outside. If he's out “in it” he's happy. So that means lots of hiking and camping, for the occasional breather from the constant rush of mountain biking.