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Preparation for World Championships in the Equestrian Stadium

22. August 2013


BMC Racing Team
BMC Racing Cup finals in Basel-Muttenz

The finals of the BMC Racing Cup in Muttenz on Saturday will be the last test for the BMC riders prior to the world championships in South Africa. Julien Absalon and Co. will encounter powerful competition at the Schaenzli equestrian stadium.

"If I do well in Muttenz, I should be fine at the World's also", says a confident Lukas Flueckiger. „After three weeks of training in high altitude, my form should be okay."
Last year's world championships' runner-up does not deem the significant difference between the track profiles of Muttenz and Pietermaritzburg to be a decisive factor. „Surely tactics will also play a role on Saturday, but a true racer will ride fast on every track - it does not really matter that much. Julien and Nino are always in front", explains Flueckiger.

Currently, afore-mentioned Julien Absalon and his Swiss rival Nino Schurter are the measure of all things. However, the two-time Olympic champion does not expect to get involved in a premature duel: „Personally, I am not so fond of the Muttenz race course, and I suspect that some of the racers will try to hide their level of fitness. But on the other side the race is good due to its long, flat passage which does not sap all your energy right before the flight to South Africa." The 33-year old intends to use the race as a kind of training workout.

Ralph Naef cites one simple reason why it is necessary for him to take part in the BMC Racing Cup finals prior to the departure to Pietermaritzburg: "I need a race to get ready for an important race," says Naef. In Canada he recently celebrated his comeback among the world's best with fourth place in the World Cup.

With Martin Fanger, Stephen Ettinger and the two U23 riders Reto Indergand and Matthias Stirnemann there will be some more bikers on their 29-inch BMC Teamelites TE01 who may support each other on the long flat stretches of the equestrian stadium Schaenzli.

Moritz Milatz, however, will be on his way to South Africa on Friday already. Last Saturday he had chosen a minor race in Germany to do his final competition workout prior to the world championships and was second despite a broken chain.