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Sensational 3rd place for Riederer in Kitzbühl

20. June 2011

In Kitzbühl, Austria, Riederer achieved the validation of his furious start to the season as part of the first race of the World Championship Series in Sydney, where he also achieved third place. With a strong running performance, the bronze medalist at the Olympic Games in Athens secured a place on the podium behind high-flyer Alistar Brownlee and Brukhankov from Russia.

Two weeks following the disappointing second race of the World Championship Series in Madrid (ESP), the athlete from Zurich confirmed his rank at the famous Kitzbühl ski resort. Riederer failed to make the leading group that separated itself from the main group during swimming in Madrid and was subsequently no longer able to compete for the top rankings. This was not the case in Kitzbühl, where Riederer exited the water within reach of the fastest swimmers and therefore found himself part of the major main group. The man from Zurich saved his strength during the cycling portion and didn't take any risks under the difficult meteorological conditions. Following a fast transition, Riederer was consistently running in the frontmost positions of the initial pursuers behind the three athletes in the overall leading group who were able to distance themselves from the main group on their bikes. Towards the end of the second-to-last lap, Riederer was successful in detaching himself from his competitors and reached the finish line third behind the outstanding Briton Brownlee and the Russian Brukhankov, who already bid farewell to the initial group of pursuers at the beginning of the run. Riederer thus confirmed his ambitions in the World Championship Series, for which the next race will take place in Hamburg. The athlete from the ewz power team is now treating himself to some relaxation before it is back to the races on July 9 for the Zurich Triathlon.