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François Bailly-Maître (copyright:
François Bailly-Maître (copyright:

François Bailly-Maître rides to his best result in the EWS round 2 in Scotland as he cracks the top 5

1. June 2014

Enduro World Series - Tweed Valley, Scotland

The first round of the Enduro World Series (EWS) in the Chilean Mountains was thought to be tough but on day one any illusions that Tweed Valley would be less technical were shattered. Aaron Bradford completed the two days and 8 technical stages on 24th position and Kerstin Kögler debuted in the EWS with a 17th place.

The first day featured 4 stages around Innerleithen. Riders confirmed that the trails were a bit scary to ride trying to avoid kissing too many trees when aiming for the perfect line. François had a very good day finishing on 4th position. Aaron Bradford had a small technical issue during stage 1 which set him back a few places. "It was hard to adjust from the bright sunlinght to the darkness in the forest. But I really enjoyed the sections in the woods", said Bradford sitting in 24th after the 4 stages.

The stages in Tweed Valley are some of the gnarliest and most technical the series has ever seen. Bailly-Maître took a fall in Stage 2 as his front wheel slipped away causing him to loose a few seconds. Nonetheless the day ended for him sitting in a fantastic third position. Kögler experienced her first EWS race and completed day 1 on 18th place. "The times for the liaison stages were really short", said a quite tired Kögler after her first day.

The sun was out again the next day so the trails were far less muddy than during training and faster to ride. The four stages took the riders to the Glentress Forest. Especially stage 4 featured some lung busting climbs that required a lot of pedaling. François Bailly-Maître was only a mere 18 seconds down from the podium and completed his best EWS so far in 5th position. Both Kerstin Kögler and Aaron Bradford were happy with their results. The team is now looking forward to round 3 which will kick off in 2 weeks in Valloire, France.

1. Nico Lau 43:10.53
2. Justin Leov 43:21.95
3. Joe Barnes 43:24.81
4. Florian Nicolai 43:38.24
5. François Bailly-Maître 43:42.65
24. Aaron Bradford 45:21.25

1. Tracy Moseley 49:01.07
2. Anne Caroline Chausson 49:46.98
3. Cecile Ravanel 50:13.60
4. Anneke Beerten 51:47.70
5. Ines Thoma 53:36.75
17. Kerstin Kögler 58:00.61

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