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left: Moritz Milatz leading Florian Vogel & Nino Schurter; right: Patrick Gallati in action
left: Moritz Milatz leading Florian Vogel & Nino Schurter; right: Patrick Gallati in action

BMC Mountainbike Racing Team: 2. Racer Cup Tesserete - Milatz and Gallati in convincing manner

10. April 2011

Tesserete/Ticino, Switzerland

Moritz Milatz finishes second behind racer winner Nino Schurter. Patrick Gallati strong 6th to lead solid team performance.

It wasn't even for sure whether he could line up at the start of the second event of the Swiss Race Cup series in Tesserete. "I spent the days leading up to the race on the table of his physiotherapist instead of tuning up the legs on my BMC TeamElite", said Milatz, and explained: "I crashed out hard Wednesday, hitting a tree head-on and injuring my knee. It was still swollen today, but the adrenaline pushed me on today" for yet another strong race in 2011.

Milatz, Schurter, and Vogel were quick to gain a gap on the field on the sandy course. The fast pace set by Swisspower has been used as a tool to intimidate the competition every race so far. "They always go out so fast. But today, I hung on for dear life until the pace became easier from lap three", described Milatz the plot of the race. His tenacy paid off and so did Patrick Gallati's. The 23-year-old consistently rode strong in 6th position after starting out slow in the opening laps, getting trapped on the narrow trail.

There was a cloud of dust covering the course all day in Tesserete. Weather conditions have been dry and hot, giving the riders a perfect tune-up for the world-cup season ahead. April 24th, the testing will be over when the world's best line up in South Africa for the Pietermaritzburg world cup. Gallati and Milatz will represent the BMC Mountainbike Racing Team at all world cup throughout 2011. Today's Racer Cup put them in confident spirits for their African showing.

The BMC duo that just returned from Africa - Balz Weber and Alex Moos - started out strong during the first part of the race. "I was going well in the beginning but then the cramps hit me and I was toast. It was a very tough day out there today. Alex and I are still not quite healthy after the Cape Epic put its toll on our immune systems", said Weber. In the end, the BMC-Africans finished 13th (Balz) and 17th (Alex). Julien Tamararcaz came in 20th. Yves Corminboeuf did not have a good day and dropped out.

After the race is before the race. While Gallati and Milatz are headed to far-away South Africa, Weber, Tamararcaz, and Corminboeuf are crossing the Northern Swiss border into Germany where the German racing season finally gets a head start: Bundesliga in Muensingen.