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Jonathan Garcia road an aggressive race in Arlington (foto by
Jonathan Garcia road an aggressive race in Arlington (foto by

Jonathan Garcia Most Aggressive rider at Crystal City Cup, Chad Beyer takes 10th

1. June 2009


Hoping to compliment the team's good results at the Tour of Belgium, the BMC squad currently racing the American calendar arrived at the Crystal City Cup in the US state of Virginia with high expectations. 

The team brought a strong group of sprinters and escape artists with an eye to snagging victory on a course which would play to the strengths of fast finishers.  BMC's Jonathan Garcia and Chad Beyer rode strongly to insert themselves into the day's winning break. Garcia's constant attacking earned him the Most Aggressive prize for the race while Chad Beyer was the team's best finisher in 10th place.  Shawn Milne from Team Type 1 won the day.

Good day for the team

Coming to the race with riders like recent Redlands Crit winner Jackson Stewart and perennial sprinting threat Tony Cruz, BMC felt very confident on the start line.  "Even though the course was not 100% in our favour, we definitely went into the race gunning for the win," Garcia explained.  "Overall it was a good day for everyone and with riders like Jackson, Tony and Chad going so well, we worked hard to be the protagonists."   Always aggressive, BMC planned on slipping at least one of their riders into every significant break.  "I was trying to get into the moves and actually ended up in a 4 man break that stayed away most of the race," Garcia said. 

Garcia and Beyer make the split

With just a few laps in the race remaining, Garcia's break was brought back by the pack.  A flurry of counter attacks followed until Chad Beyer made the move which was eventually to become the final split of the peloton.  "Chad attacked on the back climb and a big group of about 10 guys went with him," Garcia explained.  "I was in position to go with Chad so at least he wasn't alone with 10 other guys!"  Since there were several very strong sprinters in the group with Garcia and Beyer, they knew that they would have to work hard to make sure the small lead pack didn't make it to the line alone.  "Since Chad and I aren't exactly sprinters, we were sitting on the group pretty much hoping that we would be caught by the main peloton since Tony and our other fast sprinters were back there," Garcia said.  "But the group kept getting more and more time, so we tried several times to breakaway and make a go of it on our own." 

Missing out in the final

Balancing a need to keep other riders in the break from getting up the road while still trying to save energy, Garcia and Beyer found themselves tactically behind the eight ball.  "We certainly didn't want the race to finish in a sprint since that wouldn't have gone our way," Garcia said.  "So we were attacking, attacking, attacking, but in the end a group of four guys got away from us, and they went to the line for the win."  Happy to see everyone riding well, Garcia who has himself returned to top form after suffering a series of early season set backs believes that the team is ramping up its performances just in time for the prestigious Philadelphia International Championship and the Tour de Beauce in Canada.  "Everyone is riding strongly and sometimes days like today just happen," Garcia said philosophically.  "We are all training hard and staying positive, so I think we can be very confident heading to Philly and Beauce."