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Danilo Wyss is riding a strong race at Picardie (foto by Tim de Waele)
Danilo Wyss is riding a strong race at Picardie (foto by Tim de Waele)

Danilo Wyss takes 8th in Picardie stage 2

16. May 2009


Topping off another satisfying day for the BMC Racing Team, Danilo Wyss sprinted to 8th place in stage 2 at the Tour of Picardie. The team was well represented by Marin Kohler in the 7 man breakaway which escaped the pack after only 3 kilometers of racing, and was finally reeled in shortly before the finish line. 

Markus Zberg and Mathias Frank finished with the main bunch, protecting their GC places.  After the second stage, Frank sits comfortably in 8th place just 37 seconds out of the lead.

Figuring in the day's long break

"Today was another strong showing for the team," John Lelangue reported.  "The main break got away with 7 riders after 3 km, and we were very happy to have Martin Kohler among them."  Putting up a good fight during the 179 km stage, the break was able to hold its advantage right up to the final kilometers.  "They were caught within the last 10 kilometers from the finish, so we were lucky to have had Martin up the road all day to take the pressure off the rest of the team until the finale," Lelangue said.  The peloton timed the chase perfectly to guarantee the day would unfold according to the playbook of a classic sprinter's stage.  "It was a traditional scenario where the escape got away early only to be caught in the last 10km," Wyss said.  "It was certainly a good day for me."

Working for the sprint

"When we knew the break was coming back, we started thinking about whether to work for Danilo or Markus in the sprint," Lelangue explained. "We decided on Danilo and he was able to take another top 10 place for us which we are very happy about."  "Markus really worked for me in the sprint which was a huge help," Wyss said.  "But I was a little wedged in with 100 meters to go so I wasn't able to make the sprint exactly as I would have liked.  All the same, I am very content with my result today."  With a double stage coming on Sunday and Frank and Zberg 37 and 38 seconds out of 1st place, respectively, BMC feels very confident that they will be able to secure another top 10 in the Picardie GC by the end of the weekend. 

Concentrating on GC in double stage Sunday

"Mathias was in 6th going into today's stage, but two of the guys in the break gained some bonification points ahead of him, so he is in 8th at the moment," Lelangue explained.  "With the double stage Sunday, we have two more chances to improve our position and our definite ambition will be to have either Mathias or Markus in the top 10."  The morning stage will be a quick 84 kilometers from Coucy-le-Château Auffrique to Noyon while the afternoon stage will take the riders on a circuitous 95 kilometers from Ribécourt-Dreslincourt to Noyon again.  "These short stages are always nervous and complicated," Lelangue said.  "Though they are more likely to end in sprints, we always have to be careful for splits in the field and watch out for the bonification points which will be available along the way."  With two cards to play for the GC and all the team members riding strongly enough to hope for success in the stages, BMC feels well equipped to earn another top finish in the prestigious northern French race.