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Martin getting a wheel change as his BMC team mates fly by (foto: Olivia Kaferly)
Martin getting a wheel change as his BMC team mates fly by (foto: Olivia Kaferly)

BMC Racing Team – Camp Diary: Today with Martin Kohler

21. January 2009

Santa Rosa

The camp this year has been better than last year...for many different reasons. First of all the nice and warm weather has made it a really great time for training.  I think everyone in Europe is freezing and we have been enjoying summer-like temperatures.  And the riding here in northern California is pretty amazing.  My favourite ride that we have done so far was also the longest one we did last Friday, the Kings Ridge ride.  What a beautiful landscape always going up and down and some of the time we were riding along the ocean.  With the thermometer hitting above 70° F, I think it was one of my most beautiful rides I've ever done. This year we have a few more riders and the new guys are all very friendly.  We are having a good time together and I think this will be reflected during the season when we are all racing with and for each other.    The new faces at camp like our U23 members and our neo-pro Chad Beyer look very strong.  Chad especially I think will do extremely well in his first year as a pro. 

Training camp is when we get to meet some members behind the team who we may not normally see the rest of the year.  The sponsors make an effort to meet us and let us know that they believe in us - that really helps.  Personally I feel better this year than last year.  It's already my second year as a pro so I think I must be better.  And the training camp a few BMC members and I had in Mallorca this past December really made a big difference to my fitness.  Since I came over a week early to get ready for camp and train with Taylor, I have been able to get to know his room mate who is also a very strong cyclist.  It's wonderful here in California.  I'm a bit sad I have to leave Thursday.  But it will be time to fly to Qatar for the race, where we will hopefully enjoy some more summer temperatures.