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BMC Racing Team–Camp Diary: Today with Brent Bookwalter

16. January 2009

Santa Rosa

I think that this camp is definitely one of the best I have ever been to and that's including last year's with BMC.  John Lelangue has been very good about keeping it controlled and focused.  It has been really effective the way that John has been giving us a detailed plan of how many intervals and progressions we will do for a ride, and then we keep radio contact to know when to start them.  Scott Nydam lives in the area and so it has been extremely helpful to have him working with John deciding where are the good points in the ride to do a focused progression interval for example.  The actual training time at other camps I've been to have not been so well planned.  You aren't given specific directions of where to go harder, so they generally turn into hammer-fests where you end up going hard on a hill while trying to psyche your team mates out and pretend like you really aren't trying! It helps too that John has told us that he is not expecting any heroics and that we do not need to prove ourselves on these rides.  It can be stressful when the director wants to see the guys seriously racing at camp, and then making roster decisions based on that sort of thing!  Here we feel a lot more secure in our roles and have a great time together like a family that actually gets along.