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Are happy with the stage result - Directeur Sportif John Lelangue (left) and Alex Moos. (Photo by Tim De Waele)
Are happy with the stage result - Directeur Sportif John Lelangue (left) and Alex Moos. (Photo by Tim De Waele)

Alex Moos: Happy with the performance

21. February 2008

San Jose

If one speaks to any young American-based cycling team which is about to race in a field heavily weighted with European Pro Tour teams, it would be likely that the team’s goal would be to finish well placed among the elite, international group.  Indeed at the beginning of the Tour of California, Alex Moos represented the BMC racing team’s best chance at matching the Pro Tour teams over the week of racing. 

Today’s Stage 3 from Modesto to San José posed the first substantial road block in every team’s path for classification success in the 2008 Tour of California.  Overcoming the hilly challenges, Moos finished the stage in ninth place, only 20 seconds behind the stage winner. Team Manager, Gavin Chilcott was pleased with Moos’ performance today, and upbeat about his chances in the upcoming Time Trial, “It’s hard to predict just what we can expect from Alex and the time trial.  We haven’t seen the revised course, but since a hill has been added to last year’s course, that should play to our advantage,” Chilcott said.

Alex, were you happy with your performance today?

Alexander Moos: Oh, well it was a very difficult day with several extremely challenging climbs.  But the team had a strategy and for the most part, all went according to plan.  With the climbs I just went all out, and held on for the finishing chase.  I am very content with the stage result.

Do you feel you have a good chance to keep your position with the coming time trial?

AM: Well, we will have to see.  It is not a specialty of mine and I have not had a chance to preview the new bits to the course.  But I will do my best and hope that will be enough to keep me in contention.

Do you have your sights set on trying to win a particular stage this week?

AM: It is very difficult to predict.  There are so many riders who also want to win here, and we are already half way through the event.  One has always to believe that it will be possible, but we will see.  On verra.