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Ironman Hawaii: Andreas Raelert finishes third to capture third podium in as many appearances

9. Oktober 2011

Kona/Hawaii, United States

Quick news from Hawaii:

BMC triathlete Andreas Raelert finishes third at the Ironman world championship 2011! After 3rd place in 2009 and 2nd in 2010, the German put a third podium performance in as many appearances at the place of triathlon myth. Australian Craig Alexander won his third world ironman champion title, breaking the course record in 8:03:56 hrs. Second in Kona was fellow Aussie Pete Jacobs.

Having come from the Olympic distance, Raelert has been known to be a string swimmer and runner. In 2011, after switching to BMC, he broke the world record for the bike split in Roth during his first ride on BMC's brandnew timemachine01: 4:11:43 hours for 180k.

This year in Kona, Andreas Raelert had a controlled swim in the front pack. Out on the bike, he established himself in the front group of 6 riders until the half way mark before letting 6 athletes ride away some. At the second transition, he had a 8-minute gap on then-race leader Chris Lieto and 5 minutes on a group of strong runners including Craig Alexander and Marino Vanhoenacker. The marathon was to decide between winners and losers once again out in Kailua Kona in 40 degrees centigrade humidity. A day for iron bodies and carbon minds...

The marathon... started out well for Andreas Raelert. He quickly started to gain time on his competition while race leader Chris Lieto faded from the running shoe gun. It was Craig Alexander who appeared to be the one with the best chances for a win on the day. Too far behind after the bike leg appeared fellow gifted runners such as Andreas Raelert and Pete Jacobs. However, Andreas started to close up on Alexander little by little. He smelled his chance to win. On the final stretch called the Energy Lab, Andreas had to slow down. A furious pace in the early marathon stages paid toll. The road was open for Alexander to win his third title. And Andreas to swim, bike, and run to yet another gutsy and intelligent performance to third place.

Raelert Brothers insights from Kona to come... stay tuned.

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