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The development process of every single BMC product covers the following four phases:

1. Concept

Every product development starts with an idea. It comes from the needs of our customers and from our desire for ever more efficient and stunning products. After countless drafts, the ideas become concepts that live up to the requirements, for which BMC then offers solutions.

Designskizzen aus der Entwurfsphase des fourstroke FS01.

2. Development

The BMC design is the result of the requirements for form and function coming together. With our ultra-precise knowledge of the materials and resources we use, we manage to create tube designs that can cope with the load and give the bike its unmistakable character using clear design lines. The specific detailed solutions demonstrate the huge amount of attention that is given to each detail. By means of the latest computer simulation technology (FEA), we optimize critical components with respect to weight and stiffness to provide for the ultimate in performance.

Beim Modellieren neuer Rahmenplattformen fließen Kompetenzen aus Design und Engineering zusammen.

3. Optimization

Our in-house test laboratory plays a significant role in our development process. Here, all BMC framesets and parts are tested in accordance with current European CEN standards and our own BMC standards that exceed CEN and are optimized according to clear specifications. Tests are performed that focus on safety and performance aspects. Values are measured, analyzed and compared with the ride evaluations. The findings that result are incorporated into the construction of more prototypes in turn until the performance meets our requirements. Thanks to our direct connection to the BMC athletes, we are able to test the products in race conditions and obtain valuable feedback for optimization. In additional steps, we invest a great deal of time and exper-
tise into fine-tuning the suspension, sometimes also in cooperation with our partners in the industry. Our APS suspension mountain bikes thus are superb on trails. Judging by the many excellent test reports we receive, the work that goes into this pays off.

Erkenntnisse aus den Labortests werden sogleich mit den Erfahrungen unserer Teamfahrer verglichen. Aufgrund stetiger Prüfung können wir unsere Produkte kontinuierlich verbessern.

4. Implementation

Our designs are supplemented by works of artworks for which BMC has developed its own shape and color language. Our specific tube designs are accentuated and their identity is reinforced by this. This close interaction between engineering, design and graphics results in the distinctive BMC products. Findings from the laboratory tests are directly compared with the experience of our team riders. Thanks to constant testing, we are able to continuously improve our products.

speedlines of fourstroke FS01