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„Rain God“ Moritz Milatz

23. March 2014

Buchs, Schweiz

Moritz Milatz won the opening round of the BMC Racing Cup in Buchs.. In cold and rainy weather the German champion once again proved his superior qualities under difficult conditions. Reto Indergand also did a good job and finished the race in eleventh position.

At home in Germany people call Moritz Milatz the „Rain God". From now on the Swiss people also know why this is so: The harder the circumstances, the stronger he is.

In Buchs the 31 year old had reached operating temperature after only one lap. From then on the rest of the high-class field had no chance. In the third lap he bridged up to race leader Florian Vogel and obviously had no problems to overtake and leave him behind. After that he increased his lead more and more. In the end he won the race with more than a minute lead.

„I was quite sure that I would do better here than I did in Rivera. But I didn't really expect to be that good", said Milatz. He celebrated an impressive victory over Lars Forster in second and Andri Frischknecht in third. „This really boosts my self-confidence for the upcoming weeks. Especially for the world cup in Pietermaritzburg."

Finishing eleventh, Reto Indergand did quite a good job under these nasty conditions. „Things were rather extreme today. I did my best, but I couIdn't go beyond my limits", explained Indergand.


1. Moritz Milatz
2. Lars Forster (Sui)
3. Andri Frischknecht (Sui)
4. Wolfram Kurschat (Ger)
5. Mathias Flückiger (Sui)
6. Florian Vogel (Sui)
11. Reto Indergand

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