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Milatz defends his championship title!

6. June 2011

In a hard-fought race, the leader of the BMC MTB Racing Team finally gained the upper hand and was able to successfully defend last year's German championship title.

A challenging course awaited entrants in the German Cross Country Championships: a difficult descent followed a long ascent, and these two contrasting features of the route also characterized the battle for the German champion's jersey. There was no opening lap, so the first ascent was completed at a frenetic pace in the battle to win the best positions for the descent. Milatz held on to second place here, gaining a good starting position for the rest of the race. Milatz was now unable to follow his two leading teammates, Mennen and Kurschat, but he succeeded in closing the gap again. It was then Mennen who was no longer able to follow the two lead riders, so the duel between Milatz and Kurschat was launched. The strengths of both riders really came to the fore on the contrasting course: Kurschat outdistanced the BMC leader on the ascent, while Milatz used his technical skills to close the gap on the descent. On the last lap Kurschat was struggling with a problem with his chain, which caused the small lead he had managed to gain from the descent to melt away. Milatz thus won his second consecutive German championship title and will also be on the road over the next 12 months, conspicuously kitted out in white with a German flag.