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Copyright Photo: Martin Platter
Copyright Photo: Martin Platter

Double victory at Frigaz BerGiBike - a dry run for XC Marathon Worlds

22. June 2014


It was a hot sunny day in Fribourg yesterday where Ralf Näf and Moritz Milatz of the BMC Mountainbike Racing Team turned out for the start of the BerGiBike marathon race to prepare for the World Marathon Championships next weekend in South Africa.

Moritz Milatz was the 2nd rider to the top of the first climb, the highest point of the 79-km race (1,717 meters) with the leader of the race in sight. On his wheel was former teammate Jérémy Huguenin followed by Ralph Näf in third place. On the rugged descent from La Berra Ralph opened a gap and overtook the leader who had a mechanical. Milatz and Näf played cat and mouse over the next few climbs and descents but teamed up on the last kilometers to the finish line to secure first and second spot on the podium. "Long climbs are not my favorite, but felt secure on the descents with my slightly heavier tires. That really paid off", said the winner of the race Ralph Näf. "Moritz and I teamed up at the very end to secure the top spots. Hopefully we can both profit from good teamwork at Marathon Worlds in South Africa in a week's time". Moritz was pleased with the outcome as well: "I didn't want to go full throttle on the descents to not take any risks and I feel confident having raced a good Marathon just before leaving for Worlds", Moritz sums up the successful day.

Results 79 km:
1. Ralph Näf 3:18:54,6
2. Moritz Milatz (De) +0:00,4
3. Jérémy Huguenin +0:20,9
4. Lukas Buchli +6:42,1
5. Xavier Dafflon +7:45,1


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