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Photo: copyright Maxime Schmid
Photo: copyright Maxime Schmid

BMC Mountainbike Racing Team follows unusual paths, spending a weekend in a hut in Nax

10. February 2011

Team spirit and fun

Each of the riders spends a lot of personal time working very hard on himself. This is why it's important before the season starts that every one of them feels that he's not just a lone warrior, but part of a team in which everyone can depend on each other, according to Alex Moss, the athletic director and an athlete in the BMC Mountainbike Racing Team. "A training camp is a requirement for one's physical side. The 4 days in Nax are good for your head. Ski tours, winter hikes and evenings in the hut brought the guys closer together."

It's not just about survival training in the forest, but about getting to know the others outside of the usual competitive environment.

In Moritz Milatz's opinion: "I'm happy that I don't have to measure up to the guys in alpine skiing. The Swiss have slight advantages there.. "

Balz Weber in particular made a big impression on the slopes, constantly performing one-eighties, and he spent more time traveling backwards on his rocker skis than forwards. Only Patrick Gallati was unfortunately required to complete the preparation in the military.

One's for sure: there will be a successful start into the new cycling season after such a weekend - the first race will be the Maremmacup in Toscany at the beginning of March.