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The perfect bike – for all those for whom perfection means something. Pure Swissness. The Impec is the start of a new
era. An era of Swiss carbon manufacture – from the people of Switzerland to the rest of the world.

race series

Bikes for pros. In road racing, it’s all about efficiency in propulsion and maximum stiffness at minimal weight.

performance series

For the ambitious competitive rider who attaches value to quality and design. Ride one of our Performance Series bikes and you’ll shine on every tour.

sport series

For getting away from it all – fast. For new riders and fitness riders looking for reliability, rider comfort and a stunning design.

aero series

On the bike stage as fast as possible is every triathlet’s goal. Efficiency through aerodynamics and optimum seated
position: the new timemachine offers this even for time trialists from the BMC Racing Team.