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Broke his collarbone in Qatar: Steve Bovay
Broke his collarbone in Qatar: Steve Bovay

Steve Bovay: "I go directly into surgery to repair the broken collarbone".

30. January 2008


Interview with Steve Bovay

For Steve Bovay, the excitement of beginning his first year as a professional racer has certainly been tempered by the ill-luck he had on the 3rd stage at the Tour of Qatar.  About eight kilometres from the finish a group of riders crashed, bringing down the BMC neopro.  The Team Manager, Gavin Chilcott highly praised Bovay for being in great shape and adding much fire power and support for the team.  This makes his broken collarbone all the more painful for the whole team.

What happened when you crashed, and what made you want to finish the stage?

Steve Bovay: Well, we were only eight kilometres from the finish so things were going pretty fast.  I had no intention of contesting the sprint as I am not a sprinter.  I was sitting a bit far back in the field and trying to stay out of trouble, but six riders crashed right in front of me.  I couldn’t do anything.  My shoulder was quite painful, but I was so close to the finish that I decided to ride to the finish line in case I could start the next day.

Did the wind cause the crash?

SB: I don’t know what caused it, it all happened so fast.  The two riders directly in front of me tangled up together, and so I was stuck.

Will you still be on track to meet your season goals in spite of this crash?

SB: Well, I will go home tomorrow (January 31st) and go directly into surgery to repair the broken collarbone.  We hope that within 5 to 7 days I can begin training again, but I won’t be able to race for one to one and a half months.  I wasn’t scheduled to race in February, but I want to race Belgian events in March.  By then I should be healed enough, but we’ll have to see what my fitness level will be and whether I can still keep to the schedule.

Since you are new to the team do you feel like you are settling in well?

SB: Yes, this is not only my first year with this team, but also my first year as a professional.  I am very happy with the team and staff and have a very good relationship with Gavin (Chilcott) and John (Lelangue).  They are taking very good care of me, making sure I get the best medical attention and making it possible for me to fly home early which is not exactly easy from here.  So yes, the team feels like a very good fit for me.