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Chris Aarons

Austin, TX

Chris has been riding all over the US, using cycling to stay fit, be mentally sharp, and to meet great people along the way that share his passion for cycling!

As a kid, he used to ride 40 to 50 miles a day during the summer. His fondness for cycling as at an early age inspired him to get back into it as an adult, and he was hooked all over again.

Tell us a story!

At the beginning of the Miami Gran Fondo last year, I met a guy on a BMC racemachine, as he was eyeing my teammachine. We struck up a friendship over our BMCs and we soon found five more BMC riders and eventually we rode as a team for the remainder of the ride. At every rest stop someone would see our BMCs lined up and comment on all the BMCs together. They were surprised to hear we just met that day!