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©2013 Armin M. Küstenbrück / EGO-Promotion
©2013 Armin M. Küstenbrück / EGO-Promotion

Test run on a course designed by Ralph Näf

13. July 2014

Lenzerheide, GR - BMC Racing Cup

Led by European Champion Julien Absalon, a sextet of BMC racers will go toe to toe (or wheel to wheel) in Lenzerheide on Sunday with many other world class bikers. One week prior to the national championships, the penultimate leg of the BMC Racing Cup will be a rigorous test, carried out on the future World Cup course which was designed by BMC teammate Ralph Näf.

As we move on to second half of the season the sixth leg of the BMC Racing Cup will anticipate the upcoming World Cup races as well as the future World Cup race bound to take place in Lenzerheide in 2015; the starting line-ups for the races on Sunday are already world class. World Champion Nino Schurter and Vice-European champion Fabian Giger are only two out of many high-profile riders, who will compete alongside the six BMC athletes.

Julien Absalon was quite happy about his race in Montsevelier and plans to take the next step in Lenzerheide. The same goes for Reto Indergand and Martin Fanger, who most likely may now feel the positive effects of altitude training on Sunday.

„I hope to have a breakthrough," says Lukas Flückiger, referring to Swiss nationals in a week's time. „I feel great. I guess that I will still be a little tired this Sunday, but I assume that my competitors feel the same."

German champion Moritz Milatz on the other hand expects to suffer due to the 1500 meters above sea level. „It's not going to be easy for me, but I need this race to get back into race mode," he says.

Ralph Näf was involved in designing the 4.1-kilometre course for BMC's partner Lenzerheide. If the course is well received on Sunday then, it will make the World Cup event in 2015. „My goal is to hear 90 percent of the racers saying that the course is super and worthy of hosting a World Cup," explains Näf about his oeuvre which he himself will test in race mode on Sunday. „It's extremely technical and rough", he says. And in all probability a job for the fourstroke FS01.

Participating BMC Athletes (Julien Absalon, France, Lukas Flückiger, Switzerland, Ralph Näf, Switzerland, Martin Fanger, Switzerland, Reto Indergand, Switzerland, Moritz Milatz, Germany)

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