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BMC sweeps the podium at the BMC Racing Cup final in Basel

17. August 2014

BMC Racing Cup - Muttenz, Schweiz

At the final round of the BMC Racing Cup on Sunday in Muttenz near Basel City a trio of BMC bikers led by Ralph Näf was determined to take the win. By the end of the 8 laps Ralph Näf, Lukas Flückiger and Moritz Milatz celebrated a triple victory, with Milatz also winning the overall classification.

Under Ralph Näf's leadership the BMC Mountainbike Racing Team helped secure the overall cup title for Moritz Milatz in a duel with Mathias Flückiger. 34-year-old BMC rider led the pack right from the start and put the hammer down when heading out of the horse racing track that served as the pit and expo area during the Bikefestival.

"By speeding up the tempo in the first three laps, the field stretched out", explained Naef, " however, it was very important that Moritz was up front with us, too." But Milatz hung on to his teammates' rear wheels.

After having dropped Mathias Flückiger, the trio worked nicely together well into last lap where they already had a two minute lead. Ralph Naef won the sprint finish and celebrated a well-deserved repetition of last year's victory. „It feels good to win a race once again," commented Naef, „this course just suits me." Flückiger was quite relieved that his stomach bug didn't affect his performance. Having crossed the line, Moritz Milatz immediately steered towards his team mates to thank them for their help. „Ralph worked so hard and today we got the most out of this race. It's a nice boost for my self-confidence," smiled Milatz who is the first German rider to win the Swiss XC series.

Participating BMC Athletes: Lukas Flückiger, Switzerland, Ralph Näf, Switzerland, Martin Fanger, Switzerland, Reto Indergand, Switzerland, Moritz Milatz, Germany, Stephen Ettinger, USA

1. Ralph Näf
2. Lukas Flückiger
3. Moritz Milatz

4. Matthias Stirnemann (Sui)
5. Mathias Flückiger (Sui)
6. Martin Fanger
8. Reto Indergand
9. Stephen Ettinger

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