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Climbing is an art; mountains are your canvas
Stelvio, Col du Tourmalet, Mont Ventoux. Alpe dHuez; all legendary stretches of road, immortalized by the battles that unfolded on their unrelenting gradients. The BMC Altitude series was designed purely around delivering its riders to the podium and into the storied threads of cycling history.


Versatile companion for Days in the Saddle
The fabled Northern Classics are where punishing cobblestone roads and gritty, elbow-to-elbow racing meet hellishly long distances. It was here, in these perfectly unforgiving races where BMC developed the endurance series - a stable and forgiving platform of highly capable all-rounder bikes designed to maximize comfort and enjoyment for long days in the saddle.


Record-breaking aero bikes
BMC aero bikes will get you there faster. Period. Optimized aero shapes, intuitive system integration and generous adjustability are crucial in achieving the perfect fit and the highest speeds. They are designed to allow you to exceed your previous time trial or triathlon personal best, but while feeling comfortable and powerful in the saddle - even as you push yourself to your very limits. For those with the need for speed, no other bikes come close to the BMC timemachines.



Dominate the Boards
Track cycling is all about pure speed delivery; maximizing aerodynamics and improving one's pedaling efficacy to develop the fastest sprint possible.

To master the strict demands of the velodrome, you need a powerful bike, which instills confidence at high speeds, yet is nimble enough to keep you out of trouble in the final kick to the finish line.



The strong survive in cyclo-cross
It's here, where only sheer power delivery and durable componentry are in demand. The BMC's Cross series marries outstanding road bike technology and innovative new component specifications, to meet the demands of the most demanding races in cycling.