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Racing: the ultimate testing facility
For 2013 we built a mobile addition to our test lab. It's an outdoor facility we call the "BMC Mountain Bike Racing Team". We rely on the world's best racers to put our products to the test, to provide feedback on early prototypes as well as on serial production models. From alpine singletrack to the World Cup circuit, the BMC Mountain Bike Racing Team covers all possible testing grounds under the most demanding conditions. We are proud of the result: faster and more reliable high-performance mountain bikes.

all mountain

A return to the roots
Today the words "Enduro racing" are on every mountain biker's mind. Over the last few years, this mountain bike sport is driven by successful, popular and global races, and hyped-up by intense media coverage. Enduro racing has been the source of passionate debates on internet forums and social networks. Interestingly, many see it more as a philosophy than as a race category. It has become a symbol of the "ride for fun" attitude. Yet mountain biking was invented by a bunch of friends in California looking for adventure and fun by pedaling up the nearest mountain and then having a blast by clunking down the hill on barely appropriate bicycles. Most people agree that this is exactly how mountain biking got started. And how far was that from today's "Enduro racing"?
At BMC our aim with our all-mountain series is quite simple: to make bikes you can efficiently pedal uphill, to then have maximum fun on the way down. This harkens back to the roots of mountain-biking, but done the BMC way.


Biking for all
Because we all started somewhere, we know it's important to get it right in the first place. Our Blast and Sportelite bikes offer the best for those who are new to the sport. Function, style and simplicity, we don't leave anything or anyone behind.