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Swiss BMC riders hit the roads in Mallorca

29. December 2009

Palma de Mallorca

With a number of high-powered riders joining the BMC Racing Team for the 2010 season, the riders who have been on the team for the past several years feel an extra shot of motivation as well as a personal responsibility to live up to the heightened team expectations. 

Since the Swiss weather in December is hardly suited to long hours on the bike, many of the returning Swiss members of the team spent two weeks on the island of Mallorca in order to get in the base miles they will need to prepare for the tougher race schedule which awaits them. 

Escape from frigid temperatures
“This is the second year in a row that we have come here to train in December,” Martin Kohler explained.  “There are five of us here and we make a happy group; we can put in some serious hours every day.”  Teammates Mathias Frank, Thomas Frei, Florian Stalder and Alex Moos joined Kohler.  “We’ve had a few rainy days, but it is generally about 13°C, which is great considering we would be facing -3°C at home!” Kohler joked.  Though the riders have differing schedules, they are still able to take advantage of each others’ training regimes.  “Some of us start a little earlier so we’ll slip in a few intervals, while some guys like Mathias and Florian have a later start and take it a touch easier,” Kohler explained.  “But we’re all basically here to build up our endurance.”

Big plans for the year
“It has been amazing to watch how the team has been growing, particularly over the last several months,” Kohler commented.  “Big names are joining and we can seriously hope to be invited to the biggest races of the year.”  With multiple riders for an assault on the classification of every race, Kohler aims to play the part of the perfect team mate while also working hard to earn his own opportunities at races.  “In the big races, I’m sure I’ll work for guys like George Hincapie and Alessandro Ballan, but I’m always hopeful to gain some results of my own,” Kohler claimed. 

Honing strengths
With a strong sprint and a talent for riding very fast short time trials, Kohler should be able to lend some fire power to the BMC campaign.  “This past season I felt like I learned a lot about reading the race and consequently my on-the-bike tactics improved,” Kohler said.  “I want to spend time improving my time trialing since I truly believe that I can win a prologue or short time trial.”  BMC’s strength the past two years has always been its team unity.  Kohler reflected this when he declared his ultimate goal for the year: “My biggest goal for the year is to have a place in the new formation; I want to improve to help the team as much as possible.”