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Jeff Louder takes 2nd in the time trial and 3rd in den GS.
Jeff Louder takes 2nd in the time trial and 3rd in den GS.

Louder and Lill take 2nd and 3rd place at the Cascade Time Trial

12. July 2008

With the overall crown still very much up for grabs in Oregon, the organizers set the riders the task of time trialling 15 miles on an out and back course with approximately 700 feet of climbing for Stage 3.

Though not a technically challenging time trial, the uphill one way, down hill the other nature of the course would necessitate a very careful dosing out of energy.  BMC’s two racers still with GC aspirations, Jeff Louder and Darren Lill put in satisfyingly strong performances, holding steady the overall hopes of the team.

Strong field sees many outstanding performances

“All early indications are that both Jeff and Darren had very good rides,” Gavin Chilcott reported.  “Jeff was especially strong as he caught both his minute man, Chris Wherry, and his two minute man, Chris Jones.”  The fact that Tom Zirbel, one of the strongest domestic time trialists started behind Louder and did not catch him is another indicator that Louder gave a very strong performance.  “I’m pretty satisfied.  Today was definitely one of my better time trials,” Louder said.  “It is always motivating when you catch a rider or two in front of you, particularly when you know that they are talented.”  Jeff Louder has a history of performing well at Cascade and his familiarity with Friday’s time trial paid off in the end.  “I had a pretty good ride here last year, but it wasn’t perfect and I learned from my mistakes,” Louder explained.  “I knew I had to commit to going all out in the first half of the race, but at the end of the day, I was able to find a good rhythm very quickly and kept it throughout the whole time trial.”  Darren Lill also had reason to be pleased with his performance.  “Darren was within 5 seconds of Jeff’s finishing time,” Chilcott believed.  “So that indicates too just how well he was going.”  Lill being one of the smaller guys on the team had to strategize his race slightly differently from some of the other bigger racers.  “I felt pretty well and think that my time was probably fairly respectable,” Lill said.  “I had to gauge my efforts so that I had a bit more left for the downhill since a guy my size generally has to peddle harder to keep competitive on the downhills.”  Lill was also able to catch three of the riders who started in front of him, proving that he still had quite a bit left in the tank even after his efforts from the stage 2.

Planning for the rest of the race

“We didn’t have everyone go flat out because we want to conserve for the next three stages,” Chilcott explained.  With an evening criterium planned after the time trial, the riders will have little time to think about the day’s efforts before being thrown into battle again.  “As far as crits go, tonight’s is one of the better ones, so if we have to suffer, at least there will be a good crowd to watch us,” Louder joked.  “We had a strategy at the Redlands crit which paid off, so maybe this time we can get one of our guys into a break that will be able to go to the finish again.”  Jeff Louder won the Stage 2 criterium at Redlands this year, and hopes one of the team will be able to repeat the success.  “We’ll be attentive, race from the front and keep an eye out for any chicanery,” Louder predicted.  “Maybe one of our guys who has been working so hard for me and Darren here will be able to get into the right break, but as far as the overall classification goes, I don’t think there will be too many fireworks set off tonight.”