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The smile is back.
The smile is back.

"The surgery went well"

7. febbraio 2008

St. Légier-Vevey (Switzerland)

After having had the inaugural race of his professional career unexpectedly shortened due to a crash, Steve Bovay is patiently recuperating in Switzerland. 

Only yesterday you had our collarbone repaired?  Why did it take so long?

SB: Well, I flew home on Thursday last week, then saw the doctor on Monday, and went into surgery yesterday.  They moved as quickly as possible.

How have you managed to spend all these days waiting?

SB:  It has been hard since I haven’t been able to move much, and always had to rest my arm on my body.  I’m glad to have the surgery over with

How did it go?

SB: It went well.  I already feel an improvement. 

Is this the first time you have broken your collarbone?

SB: Yes, it’s my first time.

Well, they say you’re not really a professional until you’ve broken your collarbone at least once.  When do you think you’ll be able to begin training again?

SB: I think Monday I can get on the trainer again, but maybe will have to wait two weeks or more before I can get on the road.

How much will this impact your plans for your Spring races?

SB: I have spoken with John Lelangue and we will have to change things around a bit.  Instead of my beginning in Belgium which might be too dangerous, we will shoot for me to begin racing at the Criterium International. Then I will go back to America to do Redlands and then hopefully be ready to perform at the Tour of Romandie.  Romandie is my main goal for the first part of the season.  It is basically my home race, and the terrain really suits me, so I am definitely focusing on it.

The weather is okay for training by now where you live?

SB: Yeah, it is a little rainy today, but about 8°C and hopefully by the time I’m on the road again, it will be even better.

I was reading yesterday about the financial troubles the Swiss Cycling Federation has been having.  Does that affect you in any way?

SB: Oh, I hadn’t read that.  But yes, they have been having troubles for a while now.  It doesn’t impact me that much, but I think where you’ll really see some problems is in the support for the U-23 racers.  There just isn’t enough money to go around I’m afraid.