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Swiss National Championships: Alex Moos finishes strong 7th. Foto: Tim De Waele
Swiss National Championships: Alex Moos finishes strong 7th. Foto: Tim De Waele

BMC takes formidable team to Swiss National Championships, Alex Moos finishes strong 7th

29. giugno 2008


With just one week to rest and prepare for the Swiss National Championship, the BMC racers coming straight from the Tour of Switzerland would have their jobs cut out for them in Sunday’s 180km road race.

The course this year followed a difficult circuit sponsored by the town of Gansingen in northern Switzerland.   The undulating 15 km course with one very tough climb would be tackled 12 times by the racers.    With four riders represented, BMC would be a numerically strong team, and had serious hopes for a high placing.

All four BMC riders make day’s main break

“We had a good race as a team,” Directeur Sportif John Lelangue was happy to report.  “It was a very difficult course with one tough climb in it; the strategy was to make the race as hard as possible on the second climb since we had strength in numbers.”  The team’s strategy worked to perfection as all four BMC members made the first major race selection when a group of 24 riders formed and became the major break for the day.  “It was a beautiful race today with a wonderful course,” team leader and top finisher Alex Moos said after the race.  “The team worked really well and made all the important moves, I am very happy with how the team raced today.”  Lelangue concurred with this assessment.  “We did a very good job today, even if we didn’t quite get the result we wanted, but it is always hard to control a race like this,” Lelangue continued, “I am really proud of what we did today, how we gelled as a team; it is really a pleasure to work with these guys.”  The BMC Racing Team provided their racers with not only the important input from their Directeur Sportif, but also mechanical service and soignures.  

How the race unfolded

After the 24 riders formed the main break, BMC worked to keep Moos in good position.  “Our guys were working a lot on the front to keep the pace high and with 2 laps to go, Steve and Martin dropped off the pace,” Lelangue explained.  “Then Loosli from Lampre attacked, and Alex just missed the jump across to Markus Zberg who was last wheel in that move, and who eventually won the race.”  “It would of course have been wonderful to win the race today, but I was on my maximum when the final break of five got away, and so we were stuck playing catch up,” Moos reported.  As Alex still had a team mate with him, the team did hope that they could work to bridge back up to the leaders.  “Danilo was still with Alex at that point, and he worked very hard to keep the gap down,” Lelangue said.  “They came within 45 seconds of the leaders, but that was as close as they would get, and Alex sprinted for second place in the small chase group, giving him 7th for the day.”  

Good day for the team

“We raced aggressively, always on the offensive and did what we had to do to perform well on the day,” Lelangue said.  “It was a good race for us, and at the end of the day, we are happy to see everyone in good condition and working as a strong team.”  Alex Moos has raced the Swiss Nationals many times, and is a former winner of the race, however the rest of the BMC Swiss team is very young and all were on their first ever outing with the elite class.  Put in that light, it is easy to understand John Lelangue’s enthusiasm for the team’s performance and aggression.  “I am so happy to see how we are improving and to see our young guys like Steve, Danilo and Martin take responsibility for the race and ride so well for the team,” Lelangue enthused.  Moos agreed, “It would have been nice to win the race for BMC, but the team worked so well together that we can be very content with our result today.”