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BMC Racing Team – Camp Diary: Today with Ian McKissick

19. gennaio 2009

Santa Rosa

The camp is going very well.  It has been an unusually cold winter in Washington.  I am used to riding in the rain, but there has been a ton of snow too, and that makes it very difficult to train on the road.  But I am extremely happy to be here in Santa Rosa, particularly since the weather has been so nice for us.  I feel like my training has been pretty good through the winter - in spite of the poor weather! - and I'm ready to top off the work with these next several weeks of California training.  And it is great to be here with the guys, even if they do kid me about hording all the best energy bar flavours.  The team works really well together so I am very happy to be racing the Tour of California this year.  Since I will be staying in the region until after the race is over, I expect I will be able to get in some very good training.  During camp we will be scoping out a few of the stages and then I can augment my preparation by joining some local races to help me get ready for the team's objectives at the Tour of California.