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Cole House (left) and Jeff Louder (Foto by Georges Luechinger).
Cole House (left) and Jeff Louder (Foto by Georges Luechinger).

BMC Racing Team–Camp Diary: Today with Cole House - U23 BMC Team member

14. gennaio 2009

Santa Rosa

This training camp is my first time riding with all the guys from BMC and it has already been a lot of fun.  The BMC management noticed me from the time I have spent on the US National team, and as a U23 racer, I will still race sometimes with the US National team.   Everyone is very friendly on BMC, taking the trouble to check up on me on the training rides to make sure that I'm feeling alright and enjoying myself.  It's nice when Jeff Louder rides up along side you to ask how you are feeling.  Other teams, particularly at camp, can be a lot more stressful with riders checking each other out, wanting to prove who is better.  During our rides so far I have been well within my limits, though on one of the climbs Monday I was feeling the pain.  Of course I feel like I am more of a sprinter and I love to ride the cobbles.  So getting my big frame up some of these hills does start to take a toll.  But I guess I am young enough to develop more and riding with these guys will really help!  I have been racing since I was 10 when I started out on BMX.  My dad saw some kids riding on a BMX track near where I lived and thought maybe I would enjoy it too.  Then I moved onto mountain biking and finally started road racing when I was 18.  Now I'm going on 20 and am anxious to see what I can do.