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Never a Dull Moment: EWS Series in Colorado Challenges Bailly-Maître

27. juillet 2014

EWS Series in Colorado

The exhaustion was literally written on François Bailly-Maître's face on the last day of the Enduro World Series in Colorado/Winterpark. Three long race days over seven stages with a cumulative 3,000 altitude meters, required a lot of mental and physical strength. Some stages were more like bike parks than an Enduro course, and contained an unusual amount of jumps.

"As the event went on, I got along better and better with the terrain. I enjoyed the dry, loose ground and the rocky passage from stage to stage even more, and I even got to like the jumps a bit more. I was able to learn a lot and I am taking home important points for the overall standing with my 12th place." François Bailly-Maître is now looking forward to the sixth stage of the Enduro World Series in Whistler/Canada on the 6th of August. The whole team - Kerstin Kögler, Florian Golay und Aaron Bradford - will race.

Aaron Bradford finished the race in 23rd place and rounded off the result in Winterpark. Aaron is placed 23rd in the overall EWS standings, while François is now in 8th place.


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