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factory tour - a look behind the scenes

The impec’s production process is unique worldwide and sets new standards in the production of carbon frames. As the entire production takes place virtually in one integrated process and at one location, it’s the perfect opportunity to take a look behind the scenes...

Welcome to impec World. 47deg.11’ n, 07deg.24’ E: Grenchen, Solothurn canton, Switzerland. Here, just a stone’s throw away from BMC’s HQ, is the factory where the vision of a flawless carbon frame becomes reality and where the impec is constructed virtually from top to bottom. In this fascinating world of highly specialized industrial robots, you’ll experience and follow the seven production stages that go into creating the perfect frame to discover for yourself the quality of the impec.


Production of seamless tubes by braiding. The quality of each tube is defined by controlling the orientation of the carbon roving. The performance of the tubes is optimized according to the specific load in each section – Load Specific Weave (LSW).


Fully automated resin transfer molding process (RTM). Resin is injected into a mold. The output is a perfect tube in terms of strength and finish.


Tubes are precisely trimmed to size and geometry by a 6-axle robot and a diamond saw.

Injection Molding

Shells are produced by state of the art injection molding. Specific carbon compound material is injected into a mold. The precision of the process results in a structurally perfect product – Shell Node Concept (SNC).


Wet-on-wet painting in a closed spray room. The 6-axle robot is able to reproduce any human movement to perfection.


Pad Print is a precise, fully automated and highly flexible printing process. The visual quality and the durability are exceptional. No clear coat needed.


A robot applies the exact amount of 2-component adhesive to a defined position. The “blue eye” camera controls each application.