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Buenos dias from Ushuaïa

19. January 2011

The trip was enjoyable, but when I arrive in Buenos Aires, the adventure begins a little earlier than planned. The first major uproar: My bike didn't arrive! Iberia promises to deliver it to me tomorrow in Ushuaïa, but nothing comes... This is followed by 3 days of major stress, running around, making phone calls, etc. with the company IBERIA (I really can't recommend this).
It's raining when I land in Ushuaïa but the beautiful weather returns the next day. The locals are surprised by the heat, which is not normal at these latitudes. To take my mind off things, I visit Ushuaïa and its surroundings. A brief cruise along the Beagle Channel and a train ride to the End of the World.
3 days later, my BMC Cargo finally arrives - but the condition it's in! The box is torn completely open. Miraculously, all the parts are there. But I'm not able to relax until I have assembled it and taken my first trial ride near the hotel.
I'm ready. Tomorrow, on January 7, my journey will truly begin. My first goal is El Calafate, in a way the prologue that will allow me to adjust the final details on my BMC Cargo.
Hasta luego!