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A day in the life of Lukas Salvisberg, triathlete

25. February 2011

7:07, the iPhone is playing music from Kid Cudi… No way I'm getting up, I push "snooze". The same thing happens again 7 minutes later… After our hard training session yesterday, I could easily have slept another 2 hours. But I have to get up, the first training session starts in just 16 minutes.

At 7:30 I meet my brothers Andrea and Florin. Together we go for an easy morning jog… Sober, of course.

Later we indulge in a balanced breakfast and discuss how the day will proceed. Well, we unfortunately don't have a lot of choices. We have to keep in line with the specifications of our trainer Adrian Bürgi – but luckily the weather is cooperating today.

The great thing about top-class sports is that I can already take a well-deserved break at 9 a.m. and put up my feet for a while. Unfortunately not for very long, as our next training session is at ten.

9:55, 13 degrees Celsius outside - perfect for training on our bikes. We can finally get back outside and train on our BMC machines. We've really done enough roller training this winter.

9:57 - What should I wear?

10:01 - Our training partner Alain Wüthrich from TG Hütten arrives.

10:03 - We're ready to take off – but my brother still has a flat

10:07 - We finally start.

The schedule calls for 120 minutes of bike training – today we're truly a BMC team!! It looks great. After starting off easy, we do 2 x 20 minute team rides in a Belgian tourniquet. Unfortunately we have a few problems. Well, looks like we're going to have to practice a few more times.

Back home we do a quick transition and then continue on with a final combined run. It is very important in the triathlon that we also do a lot of training where we run after cycling. Today not everyone is in top form; the cold is taking its toll. But when we train as a "team" there isn't too much complaining. You just keep going… you don't have any other choice.

We take a coffee break and a short power nap after lunch… Today it unfortunately must be a really short nap because the Salvisberg brothers have to attend a lecture at 3:00 p.m. at the University of Bern. Today it's statistics…

2 hours later, and not much cleverer, we leave the university and now know that there are such things as covariance, correlation and standard deviation. Well... we're going to have to repeat this a bit at home in order to figure out what it was actually about.

This is directly followed by a swimming training session in Burgdorf. It was actually supposed to be easy… but unfortunately the swimmers' training schedule was completely different today. The training session includes 15 x 100 m, and fast. I approach the set relatively easily since the swimmers are in top form right before the Swiss Championship. All of a sudden, my younger brother Florin picks up speed and swims the 100 m in a similar time to the swimmers. As the older brother I obviously can't accept this and now swim after him… In the end we had a pretty tough swimming session. But what was I supposed to do? Even though my brothers are constantly getting faster, I still want to be the fastest in the family. We thus complete the circle and all of the Salvisberg brothers motivate each other. I am currently still the fastest in the family… but for how much longer??

At home we allow ourselves a quiet evening in front of the television, on Facebook or studying… this is left up to each of us… I don't even think about tomorrow's training… It will probably be hard once again.